20/12/17 - 'Go with the Flow'

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia
As a young child I was afraid of water. It felt like a perfectly “rational” fear because it started when someone dunked me into deep water before I could swim. Almost 40 years later, I still remember the sense of panic as I breathed in the enveloping liquid. How the chlorine burned my nose and throat and stung my eyes, how I struggled for air. I was out of my depth and couldn’t reach the floor so I had to be rescued. It stopped me from going back in, even when my friends were having a great time swimming. 

It was a few more years before I got my confidence back. We were on holiday and the pool was very quiet. My family kept telling me to lay back and relax, explaining how I would float if I would just STOP STRUGGLING. Sure enough, as my muscles relaxed and stopped fighting the water, I realised they were right. It completely held me up!! And it felt SO amazing. I spent the rest of the holiday floating around in the pool without a care in the world. To this day, even though I can swim, floating around on my back is my favourite thing to do in water. 

I share this story because it’s a helpful analogy for today’s cards. Life is a lot like my early experiences - you start off tentative but happy, then you get dunked, and it scares you so you lose confidence and struggle against it. It’s a perfectly natural response, but it’s also exhausting and the fear keeps you from the enjoyment of being in the flow. Hopefully, at some point you get the nerve to give it another try, to surrender to it... slowly at first. Lo and behold, it feels so incredibly liberating - you wonder why you waited so long. 

The problem is that far too many of us wait TOO long - often until our deathbed - to surrender to life, wasting so much time, so many experiences. 

Right now you have the opportunity to “go to sea” - to relax into the flow of life - and to find peace in the radical acceptance of what is. In Being. Will you take it? What do you need to stop struggling against for this to happen? Are you willing to give up your fear? (If you’re not sure HOW to surrender to the moment, check out yesterday’s card and quote.)

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