15/12/17 - Inspired Action!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Deck: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans
Yesterday was about a breakthrough - the realistion of what you need to do. Today we see further evidence of that in the lightening strike behind the Father of Swords. Having a breakthrough, being inspired and KNOWING what you need to do, are one thing. Actually making the changes you need also requires action. 

So what insight does this card hold? As a mature snake, this Father will have shed his skin many times to reach his full potential - did you know snakes shed EVERY time they grow? The sign of a healthy shed is when the old skin comes off in one big piece and it certainly looks like it comes off easier when they are going over rocky/uneven ground! It seems to me that we can learn a lot from that.

What realisations have you had this week? What do you need to shed in order to move on? How can you put the changes into action? (Can you do it all in one healthy sloughing-off?)

I love how this week's readings pieced together into such a neat narrative, and judging from the messages, emails and Instagram comments they have resounded with many people - if you’re one of them, good luck with your shedding today!!!

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