13/12/17 - I'm Ready! Are You?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid / Book: Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

So after the weekly reading I posted on Monday, I got really clear about what it was that I needed to let go of. Yet I kept putting it off ... until last night when I pulled the 'Unfinished Symphony' card - reminding me of the need for closure. 

I sat up until 1 AM writing a post to my craft blog readers (many have been around for almost 7 years), telling them that I'm hanging up my knitting needles to make way for new things in 2018. I went to bed knowing I had done the right thing, but still feeling the effect of vulnerability hangover - a stress headache. 

When I woke at 6, I found lots of lovely messages, comments and emails from readers who have become friends over the years, and others who hadn’t reached out before. Some spoke of how they too needed to be more authentic and to let go of things holding them back. Some want to make changes but are nervous about speaking up about it. 

After replying to them, I pulled a new card “No Place Like Home” - the card of authenticity and belonging. Of finding your voice and your place.  Later, I took out the book ‘Light is the New Black’ and it fell open on the most perfect message, for me and for everyone else in this position. It’s (mostly) visible in the photo. 

These days I don’t NEED synchronicities to make me feel that I’m on the right path, but it’s still lovely when it happens.

Edited to add: I originally posted this image and text on Instagram and Facebook but I have come to the realisation that not everyone is ready to 'follow' and 'like' such pages on social media where anyone and everyone can see what you're looking at it. If that's you, but you enjoy reading these posts, you can subscribe to follow this blog by email (in the sidebar if you're on a computer, or by scrolling on a phone) so that all the posts are discreetly sent to your email account.  

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