Release & Surrender Tarot Spread

Monday, 6 November 2017

When I published an earlier Tarot Spread, I promised another which would delve a bit further into what needs to be 'Released'. Centred around the Hanged Man, this spread includes my favourite rendition from The Good Tarot, written by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia. The Hanged Man is about release and surrender - it's one thing to let go of something, but we also need to surrender to that release, to fully accept it. The Hanged Man reminds us that doing so can also lead to a more peaceful and enlightened perspective.
'Hanged Man' from The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid. Click to enlarge image.

The spread is designed as a stand-alone exercise, however, if you wish to explore the theme from the previous reading, feel free to ignore the instruction for card A and substitute the card you drew previously.

As this relates to surrendering as much as to letting go, the first two cards are not actively selected by you, but are found in the deck. You are required to select the other two yourself. Here's how:

Step 1: Shuffle your Tarot deck thoroughly.
Step 2: Turn the deck face-up and locate the Hanged Man card. 
Step 3: The card to the left of the Hanged Man is position A, and the card to the right will be position B.
Step 4: Turn the deck back over (face-down), shuffle again, and then select two further cards from the deck for positions 1 and 2, respectively.

I hope you find the spread useful. I've tried it out a few times and it has been really interesting. I thought I had already surrendered to something, but while working through the cards for a sample reading, I realised there was still an element of clinging on! Funny how we can fool ourselves, but the cards always manage to call us out on it. Anyway, have fun and feel free to tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you share the link to the spread or your readings - I love to see your interpretations. 

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