New Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread - What The Block?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

In her book Moonology, Yasmin Boland explains that "each New Moon acquires a certain 'flavour' as it takes on the qualities of the sign" it falls in. This week, the New Moon will be in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto - the planet of transformation and regeneration. It's a great time to take stock and to identify the things we can change for the better. To help, I wrote the following Tarot spread which you could actually use any time you're feeling blocked (regardless of the moon's position). 

Based on the four elements, the intention of the spread is to identify the things we most need to acknowledge in each of those areas, and then to see what is blocking us. After identifying these blocks, you can begin to work on clearing them.  
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To use the spread, shuffle the deck and draw cards 1 to 4 (asking what you need to acknowledge in each area at this time), then go back to them to draw the four 'Block' cards.  Place the final two cards from left to right. The following notes might be helpful when interpreting your spread. 

1. Emotions - Based on the Water element and the suit of Cups, this is about emotions and relationships. It's to do with how we feel and relate to others and how our feelings influence our behaviour. Scorpio is related to partnerships and sexuality, so you might find that comes up for you this month. It's a great time to forgive and let go of grudges too!

2. Materials - Based on the Earth element, or the suit of Pentacles, this relates to all things physical and already manifested. That includes your physical body, your finances, home, anything to do with material wealth and things that can be observed. Financial partnerships are often highlighted by Scorpio so for a lot of people this will be a good time to deal with outstanding monetary issues. 

3. Thoughts - Based on the Air element and the suit of Swords, this is about your way of thinking, your attitudes and intellect, and your subconscious. Scorpio is intense and has a dark side so it's a good time to face up to any destructive thought-patterns or deep-seated beliefs that are no longer serving you.  

4. Actions - Based on the Fire element and the Wands suit, this position is about your actions, motivations and intentions. This includes creativity, inspiration and passion. Scorpio is a very passionate sign so look out for actions that might be motivated through anger or jealousy! 

For the two central positions (black borders) you can pull one or more cards, depending on what feels right for you. 

I hope that you find this helpful. If you're sharing the spread or your interpretation on Instagram or Facebook, please tag me as @thescuriouscardslinger and use #tccNewMoonScorpio. You'll also find further Tarot Spreads here

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