Month Ahead: November 2017

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Since Connected and Free, The Alchemist's Oracle arrived from Inner Hue in Australia earlier this month, I've wanted to pair it with The Wild Unknown and finally got around to it for a simple 'Month Ahead' reading. There are no positions, just four cards (two from each deck) for an intuitive message for November. If you're reading this, there may well be something in it for you. I don't normally share these readings so please let me know if it resonates! 

In The Wild Unknown, the Six of Pentacles is bearing fruit - it's quite plentiful... but looks a bit droopy. I think it's in need of more light, or perhaps a bit of water. This comes as a reminder that it's necessary to tend to your crops now - to nurture and develop something that you've already planted. Any gardener knows that hard work will only achieve so much - there is always an element of the unknown - you can plant the seeds, water them, keep the bugs away, and so on, but ultimately the rest is up to the universe / nature. The 'magic' happens beneath the soil - we can't be sure what's happening until the first shoots appear. So this month you need to do the work, but then you must surrender and trust that what you have planted will grow strong and bear fruit. 

Traditionally the Six of Pentacles is also about reciprocity - being willing to share or help and also being willing to accept help. So this is something to bear in mind as the month unfolds too. 

Hard work, surrender and sharing - sounds like a drag, but don't worry - as well as tending to your 'crops' it's time to have some fun. After all, we know that 'all work and no play' makes for a pretty dull life! So take time out to enjoy the simple things too. Even if it feels like an effort to get out and interact with others (the nights are dark here, and the Taurus full moon might make you feel lazy!) it will absolutely be worth it. Here in the UK, Bonfire Night is coming up, so you might literally want to get the sparklers out and revel in the child-like joy of watching fireworks with friends. 

When you read that, what was your automatic response? Did it trigger any of your 'stories'? What does? And how does that make you (re)act?

Stories are the things you tell yourself (and others), over and over again. They are generally very tedious and MEAN, but we just can't seem to help ourselves. Your story might about 'not having or being enough of something < insert your own flavour of inadequacy here >', perhaps you tell yourself that you are unloveable or how difficult life is, that no one sticks around, or that you are just not good enough. Not many people have positive self-affirming thoughts without working on it. (If you do then YAY! You're one in a million and need read no further.) 

While stories come in different flavours, they all affect how we see ourselves and they serve as the filter through which we experience everything. Unfortunately, as they are generally fear-based (most began as a way to protect yourself from either a real or perceived threat) they rarely serve your highest good. 

So as you go about your business (both work and FUN) this month, bring awareness to your stories. Try not to get caught up in them - let's be honest, they are incredibly boring - and seriously consider whether they are serving you. If not, it's time to let them go. That might be easier said than done, but  just taking the time to recognise when they kick in will cause them to loosen their grip on you, and you do have a choice here. 

You can continue to tell yourself the same old cr*p, or you can create a NEW story which is worthy of your thoughts and which is in alignment with your vision, not your fears. You'll be amazed at how making this simple decision can release what's been blocking you.



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