Full Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread

Thursday, 2 November 2017

As I write this post the moon is shining through the window, It looks ENORMOUS and very bright and is surrounded by a double halo. I wish I had a camera that could capture it. It's not yet full, but will be soon enough. (You can find the exact times for your own location here, if you don't have an app or an almanac.) This full moon is special for me - I'm a Taurus and it's the first time it has been in my First House since I started learning about the moon phases and how to work with them. Naturally, this prompted me to write a new spread! 
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The spread reflects key aspects of Taurus as well as 'full moon' elements such as letting go, and giving thanks. I hope the positions speak for themselves, but you can feel free interpret them in any way you find the most helpful. Feel free to ask for any further clarification in the comments or on my social media feeds. 

To try the spread you just need to grab your favourite Tarot (or Oracle) deck, shuffle and focus on each of the questions as you draw the cards. Although I'm using one card for each of the positions, you can pick as many as feel right - trust your intuition to guide you. 

If you don't have any cards, you might like to try using the questions as journaling prompts. My caveat is that I find it much more effective to journal with the help of Tarot as the cards help to shine a light on aspects that I am either unaware of, or that I am intentionally ignoring. Therefore I get much more useful insight when the blinkers are removed. (There are various websites or phone apps you can use to draw cards for your reading if you'd like to give it a try.)

If you use the spread, feel free to tag me on Instagram or Facebook. The hashtag for this spread is #tccfullmoontaurus. I hope you find it useful. 

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