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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Colette Baron-Reid's latest Oracle Deck, Postcards from Spirit, arrived a few weeks ago and as I frequently use her three previous decks, I was keen to try it out. The deck pictured was supplied by Hay House, Amazon affiliate links are included in this post. All opinions are my own. 

This is, as the title suggests, a 52-card deck of Postcards inspired by the filming of Colette's 2014 TV show 'Messages from Spirit' (you can watch it on Amazon Prime). She says:
I began to imagine that Spirit could send any of us a postcard with a message that would provide us with wisdom and direction, no matter what might be weighing on us.
Let's look at the specifics. The cards measure 14 cm x 9.5 cm and have a matt texture, on thick card-stock. They come in a sturdy box with a pull-off lid at the top, so it stands upright and you can select straight from the box if you wish. The back of every card is unique but each is stamped as '2 cents from Heaven' and includes a small illustration plus a motto. The artwork, by Jena DellaGrottaglia, does indeed lend the deck the look of treasured keepsakes you might find tied with ribbon in an old box. It feels very nostalgic and as if it could easily conjure your Great Grandma's words.

The front of each card is written as a postcard from a chorus of your guides, ancestors and guardian angels (see image below) and it is intended that a single card will usually be sufficient to answer your question or to gain general guidance for your highest good. The way the question is asked will determine the quality of the answer, so simplicity is advised. Be warned though, even if you're asking about one thing, Colette says the chorus might have other ideas:
The Postcard you receive may override your stated question to steer you to where you need clarity and guidance most. 
Of course, you can always pull a second card for clarity, or a third "for the Possible Future" and how things might evolve if you do not make any changes or different choices. A four-fold card / pamphlet accompanies the deck and explains all of this in detail, but it is a very easy deck to work with as you essentially just ask a question and choose a card. 
Click to enlarge 
Marketed as an Oracle deck, this has a completely different feel to the other decks I frequently use by the same author. There isn't an image to contemplate, and there's no need to rely on your intuition for an interpretation - what you see is that you get, but it might still highlight things you haven't been conscious of (take a look at the text in the image above as an example). What does remain the same is the positive intention and the way that you are encouraged to trust that you can receive guidance when you need it.
Our intention is that [the cards] will restore your awareness of the loving guidance you can receive. What might you learn, hear, and receive from Spirit if you simply opened up and asked for advice and insight about your personal journey?
I have been using Postcards from Spirit to pull a single card at the end of readings, or just when I felt like hearing some wisdom. The messages are always thought-provoking and uplifting, and have been insightful on the occasions I've asked a particular question. I do love the look and feel of the cards and they are very photogenic if you like to post on Instagram! For me, the only downside to the deck is that the large size, coupled with sharp corners, makes it tricky to shuffle. I tend to cut the deck multiple times rather than using my normal methods.

Postcards from Spirit could work well at the end of an in-depth client reading. With such positive messages, and advice that could encourage anyone, I also think it would be a great gift for people who are not 'Oracle readers' - you don't need to interpret the cards any more than thinking about the points they raise. I'm very tempted to get another deck to give away as individual postcards, or maybe to post...

The deck is available directly from Hay House, Amazon and from any shop that will order books - the ISBN is 978-1-4019-5153-5. You can find Colette Baron-Reid's website here and she is also has a page on both Facebook and Instagram

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