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Friday, 6 October 2017

It's day six of the 'Month of Spreads' Divination Challenge devised by Ivan Ambrose of Tarot Prose, and today's spread has been designed to help readers identify their strengths. It's a 'pick-me-up' for days when you're feeling "a little lost or discouraged". I'm not feeling either of those things, but as a new reader, a confidence boost is always welcome, so I pulled five cards from the Fountain Tarot to answer the questions posed.

The Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro

Card 1. What are my strengths as a reader? - Strength
It sometimes feels as if the cards are taking the p*ss. For example you might ask 'what should I let go of?' only to choose a card that says 'you need to let go', or you ask 'what do I need to know?' and get  'you know!' Frustrating, but true. 

So it was no surprise that the answer to a question about my strengths would be the Strength card. Strength is about harnessing a powerful energy in a soft way - it's about using gentle discipline to master that energy, and make it do your bidding. In the little white book for this deck, the card is called "Passion Tamed" and it explains the lion as the woman's savage side, but "she is not interested in ridding herself of it, but rather in turning its gaze, gently and with generosity, towards useful partnership." If my strengths are taking the Tarot and using it in such a way, then I'm actually very happy with that. 

Card 2. What makes my reading style special and unique? - Three of Wands
First let's address the number 'three'. There is still a lot for me to learn - threes are the 'first completion' of each suit - there is good progress, but still a long way until the completion of the nines, or the excesses of the tens. Having started reading Tarot less than 10 months ago, I'd expect nothing else. In the book it says "Your strength and focus are producing the first glimpses of achievement, but the secret to your long-term prosperity lies in your ability to be patient, attentive, and most of all... nimble." Fair enough.

This illustration shows the way that expansive energy can be harnessed and manipulated. Traditionally, this guy is depicted passively looking out at the horizon, but here he is actively working - and he does indeed look patient, attentive and nimble. He's entirely single-minded as he focusses on his task. Rather like me, when I'm reading (or studying) Tarot. It's as if I lose all track of time.  

Card 3. What other skills/knowledge can I develop to help me become a better reader? - Eight of Cups
This card is about being willing to leave behind the things that no longer serve you. Embracing change and being willing to step away and into the unknown - you may not know where you're headed but it's necessary to take the first step. Immediately I thought of the quote I'd posted on Instagram earlier today, after randomly opening the page for inspiration
You are in exactly the right place to answer your calling now. You don't need to know the whole plan. You don't even need to know where is is heading. You just need to take the next step. - Rebecca Campbell, Light is the New Black
All of this seems to be saying that in order to improve my skills and knowledge, I need to trust the process and just follow the steps (as they appear) - one foot at a time.

Card 4. How can I grow further in my divination journey? - Ace of Wands
The Ace of Wands is the card of unlimited potential, it's about focused and inspired action which will bring things to fruition. Look at radiant energy that is shooting out of the wand in the image, it's spreading light all around. There's no stopping it!

This says I need to take bold action to further my journey. In practical terms, this probably means putting myself 'out there' more - reading for others more frequently, and perhaps sharing more of the things I'm learning too. Intuitively, I'm feeling that the message here is what I put out there will come back manifold - so I just need to do it. 

Card 5. How can I become more confident in my divinatory skills? - Seven of Cups
The woman in the Seven of Cups is confounded by choice - she's not sure where to turn as there are so many options in front of her. She is frozen by indecision. Oh, how I relate to this - not just in terms of my divinatory skills, but in general. The advice here is not to get distracted, to make a choice and then remain focussed. It's fine to visualise things, but without action, it's all just a dream. The book agrees - "to grow, you must commit to a choice and take action. It will undoubtedly change your course, but it will move you forward". 

This seems to flow perfectly from the two previous cards, don't you think? Plenty of food for thought which is exactly what I like in a spread.

If you want to join in with the Month of Spreads challenge, it's not too late. All of the existing prompts can be found on and you'll find plenty of participant posts on Instagram too. 

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