New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

Monday, 16 October 2017

Following on from the Full Moon in Aries Spread I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I decided to share the new Spread I'll be using this week, as the moon turns dark. Thursday's* New Moon will be in Libra which means that as well as being a good time for setting your intentions or 'wishes' for the month ahead, it's the perfect opportunity to see how various aspects associated with that sign can bring insight to your readings. Here's what I'll be asking:

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Position 1 - Libra is typically represented by (weighing) scales because it's all about finding a healthy balance. This position aims to highlight the area that you MOST need to prioritise as needing additional balance right now. That's not to say it's the only area, so you may wish to draw more than one card here. 

Position 2 - As Libra is linked to relationships, a key element of this spread is how you can relate to others in a harmonious and effective way - a way that works for everyone. This position asks how you can cultivate such partnerships. 

Position 3 - Healthy and balanced relationships rely on give and take - it's no good putting your own needs aside in favour of everyone else's. So this position asks how you can honour your own needs, something that's essential to maintaining your own identity and personal well-being. This is about being authentically you (while also being able to relate well with others). 

Position 4 - Linked to the previous point, self-care is essential to stay balanced and effective in your relations with others. However, there can sometimes be a fine line between taking care of ourselves and over-indulgence (or laziness). Use this position to look at the most effective way to take care of yourself - it may be about taking care of your physical body, your environment, your mental health, or maybe even standing up for yourself in a certain situation. 

Position 5 - To ensure you don't overdo the self-care (remember, this is about balance!) this position is about serving others. What can you offer others, which is an effective use of your skills or abilities? This could be anything from being more present with your family, to participating in volunteer work. 

Position 6 (Optional) - 'New Moon Manifestation' is practiced the world over as a way to bring your attention to the things you would like to attract into your life. It can be quite tempting to focus on mundane or material things, so this position is intended to provide guidance on something you should 'wish' for which will be in your highest good. You can read a lot more about the mechanics of this on Yasmin Boland's website and in her book Moonology, which is a fabulous guide to working with the moon phases.

I hope you enjoy using the spread. If so, please feel free to share this post or your readings on social media. I'll be using the tag #tccNewMoonLibra on Instagram where you can find me as @thecuriouscardslinger

*The exact time and date for the moon phases is dependent on your location, you can check the details for your own location here

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