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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Kyle Gray, Photo credit: Hay House
Somewhat uncharacteristically, I've spent the last week reading the latest book by Angel Expert, Kyle Gray, which was sent for review by Hay House UK. I'll admit that until a few years ago, the word 'Angel' would have triggered an unpleasant reaction in me. As a 'non-religious' person, terminology linked with formal worship would typically have been enough to turn me off completely. However things are shifting, and not just for me. Science is now catching up with ancient beliefs, and it seems both 'sides' are talking about the same things, but using different terminology:
To awaken the warrior is to remember that we have this inner spark, this internal connection to the divine, the universal life-force, the cosmic presence that runs through all there is and ever will be. It is light in presence and love in essence. It is what a scientist will call 'the quantum field' and a Spiritualist will call 'spirit'.  Page 15.
The book - Light Warrior - is aimed at those who have heard the internal call to make a difference in the world (Light-workers) AND have decided to respond to that call (Light Warriors). Filled with many different exercises and tips, this is a very practical manual which has a simple premise - you can live a spiritual life and still be a 'normal' person, but there are some things - 'warrior workouts' - that will help you.

A few examples are breathing techniques to connect to the loving presence within, various meditations, tools for psychic protection, invocations, working with guides, prayers, journaling exercises and creating sacred space. Key amongst these workouts are strategies for dealing with the blocks that are holding you back, and which are designed to help create necessary internal shifts (such as dealing with Shadow elements), and letting go of fear (Forgive Everyone And Release).
The more you keep yourself safe and well, the more energy you preserve for the people that matter and for your purpose, which is ultimately to be happy. Page 81.
The 'Intuitive Warrior' chapter may be of particular interest to those reading this blog as Kyle talks about how our intuition is the voice of the soul and it gets louder the more we dive into this type of spiritual work (definitely true for me). He also talks about intuition in relation to prediction and intention:
Our intuition is in some way predicting our future, and it can do this because we have a hand in creating our future. The world we see and experience is based on our 'point of attraction' - what we're attracting into our life, whether we're consciously aware of it or not... The universe isn't giving you a plan, it's waiting for yours. Page 149 - 150.
In order to work well with your intuition, it's suggested that an open dialogue with it is necessary - as a Tarot reader, this is already a daily practice for me - and to distinguish the voice of intuition (which is love) from the voice of fear. Using Angel Cards and Oracles is also discussed. One of my favourite exercises in the book is how to make and use a set of Oracle stones or cards of your own - samples are given from the Warrior Stone Oracle Kyle used when writing the book. They provide a great starting point.

Of course, it's all well and good to be mentally, emotionally and psychically balanced, and to be in tune with your inner voice, but let's not forget that being a Light Warrior is all about helping others:
Through our own awareness, we can help create awareness in the world. Through our own healing, we can share healing with others. Through focussing on peace in our life, we can bring peace into the world. Page 172
So the final chapters deal with the practical aspects of stepping into service and actually doing the work. It's ultimately a call to action, and a powerful one at that!

If it sounds like something that is in tune with your own path, this is a book you'll probably want to refer back to many times and it's conveniently available as a paperback, an eBook and as an Audiobook - although there are various visuals so, for me, the audio version would need to be in addition to a visual copy, not as an alternative.

As a final note I will tell you that while I was reading this book I experienced some remarkable 'angelic' healing and heard a clear call of my own - but more on that another time!

You can read more about Light Warrior on Kyle Gray's website and the book is now widely available to purchase or order from your favourite book seller, or directly from Hay House

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