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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

*** Includes spoilers from the second episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 ***

Following the fun Tarot exercise I did last week (I 'previewed' the first episode of Game of Thrones season 7 via the Linestrider Tarot¹, referred to the accompanying book for interpretations, and after watching the show considered whether the cards were a good match), I couldn't wait to do it again.

As previously, links are provided to the GoT wiki pages for the characters mentioned although a sound knowledge of the show is presumed. Clicking on any of the images will enlarge them for detail.

For anyone who missed the spread in my earlier post, there are five positions - the first is about the main character, which I decided would be Jon Snow. Cards two through four are main themes of the episode, and the final card represents something interesting that happens. 


Card 1.  Something to look out for in relation to the main character - The Magician - When Jon Snow was murdered, the Red Priestess - Melisandre - resurrected him, so it was a fairly good bet that this related to her. Plus, red features prominently on the card. The only other person who makes me think of the 'Magician' archetype is Qyburn but he is still busy with his nefarious experiments at King's Landing so I couldn't imagine a strong connection with Jon is this episode. I felt sure the card related to Melisandre.
The Magician & Judgment by Siolo Thompson

Card 2. Theme - Judgment - This particular illustration shows Judgment as an angel whose mask is coming off. Last week we saw Arya Stark wearing, and removing, the former face of the deceased Walder Frey so I immediately thought of her. In the book, Siolo Thompson writes this about the card (on p. 89 of the book that accompanies the deck):
You must take stock of your life. It may be time to find new ways of living. You may be called to change your life or open yourself up to a new possibility...The Judgment card speaks of an epiphany, a realisation that you have not been living up to your potential or that you can do more for others. This card calls for a period of reflection and self-evaluation. 
Card 3. Theme - The Empress - The Empress is about femininity - creativity, fertility (of body and mind), passion and nurturing. The card made me think of Sansa Stark for a couple of reasons - firstly she is the only main female character who truly embodies these characteristics for me, and secondly because the image shows her protected by a tiger and with a monkey on her back. The monkey made me think of the master manipulator Lord Baelish aka 'Littlefinger', who stands behind her but is as tricksy as a performing monkey and just as likely to steal from her!

The Empress & Ten of Wands by Siolo Thompson

Card 4. Theme - Ten of wands - The burden of responsibility! Jon, as a reluctant 'King of the North' is carrying a huge burden he didn't ever want. The book's description for this card sums up Jon's feelings from the first episode (on p. 171) and which I suspected would continue in episode 2:
Success or investment in a project or period of life often brings heavy responsibilities and commitments. It may be time for you to move on to something new, but right now you are aware of all the weight on your back, the people who depend on you, and the community that supported you. 
Card 5. Something interesting to look out for - Ace of Swords - This would be something to do with truth, clarity of vision, deceit, or self-delusion. The crown and laurel leaves represent victory. I really didn't know what this might refer to.
Ace of Swords by Siolo Thompso


Here's my take on how each of these cards related to the events in the episode:

- Melisandre did indeed return, and began the process of getting Jon and Daenerys together. She also mentioned the prophecy of the Prince who was Promised - she believes this is Jon, but it could be Daenerys who (unknown to either of them) is his aunt. The Magician appears "when you need to channel the power of the universe toward your goals" and this certainly represents the Red Priestess in this storyline - her speech to Daenerys and Tyrion is instrumental in getting Jon to Dragonstone (which also holds the raw material he needs to defeat the White Walkers)!

- Arya did indeed have a Judgment moment - an epiphany! While talking to her friend Hot Pie, she discovered that (what remains of) her family are back at Winterfell and leaves her vengeful quest to head to King's Landing to return home instead. She has been fueled entirely by vengeance since her father was killed in season 1 so this is a remarkable change for her... although we don't actually know whether she will continue on her journey home following her encounter with the direwolf Nymeria!

- With Jon heading out to Dragonstone Island, Sansa was left in charge of the North. Yep, that's Empress, alright.

-  As expected, the Ten of Wands did relate to Jon's burden as King of the North. As well as dealing with the ongoing issues of the seven kingdoms, he's the only ruler who truly appreciates the threat from beyond the wall, so it's a heavy burden indeed.

- When I wrote last week's post, I (stupidly!!!) wasn't sure who the pirate in Seven of Swords referred to (this was last week's position 5 card). Even if a reader hadn't suggested it was Euron Greyjoy, I'd have been in no doubt after episode two. Euron's victory over his neice Yara's fleet, not only clarified his position as 'the pirate', but also seems to have been represented in this week's fifth card. 

- The Ace of Swords is "not always a gentle card; it often pushes you to set aside your idealism or fantasies in favour of a more analytic approach... Every indication is given that success is yours if you can clearly understand and assess the facts, be honest about your motivations, accept the truth of your situation, and take decisive action." It was Euron's truthful / insightful assessment of Theon as a "dickless coward" which prompted Theon to desert his sister (like a rat!) and leave her and her fleet to Euron's mercy at the climax of the show. I'd say Euron perfectly embodied the energy of this Ace! 

I really like this spread - I've been so much more invested in the show, sitting with my notes beside me each week. Yet again, the cards I drew were pretty good too! It's likely that I'll continue this exercise for the rest of the season. What do you think? Would you have taken these (book) interpretations and applied them to the same characters and events as me? Or would you have done it differently? 

¹ The Linestrider Tarot is by Siolo Thompson, published by Llewellyn. Amazon affiliate links are included in this post. Page references are for The Linestrider's Journey book which accompanies the deck.

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