The 'Sunday Night Dread' Spread

Saturday, 6 May 2017

If you've ever wasted half of your weekend worrying about the week ahead, this spread is for you. Maybe you're stressed out and unhappy in your job, or you don't get along with a co-worker. Perhaps you have a deadline to meet and you're not sure how you will get it done on time, or you might love your work but have to face a horrible commute to get to it. The latter sums up my husband's situation. I swear that his demeanour regularly starts to change before Sunday lunch. By the evening, he may as well be on the train into London, because he's already dreading the journey he'll have to take the next morning. I know he's not the only one to feel this way, because I spent years filled with 'Sunday Night Dread' before I left my corporate career.

I'd like to share this little spread I've devised for just such an occasion. The three cards (or more, if you feel so inclined) will help you to consider what you can do to prepare yourself for the things you are dreading, what might stand in your way, and how things could turn out if you are prepared. 

As an example, using my husband's situation, I pulled The Hermit, the Ten of Swords and The Fool.

What does he need to do? The Hermit indicates the need for solitude and withdrawal, and time for quiet reflection. In this example, I think my husband should consider listening to calming music, an audio book or meditation to 'zone out' from his surroundings via headphones. Taking his attention away from the thing he hates (the unreliable trains which cost a small fortune to use) should help him to stay calm and he might even begin to see it as an opportunity to relax, before and after work.

What does he need to overcome? The Ten of Swords is about self-pity and victimhood, playing the martyr and feeling really hard done by. In this case there is no option but to make the journey if my husband wants this work, so he needs to free himself from old patterns of negative thinking and let go of his resistance to what is (the need to travel).

When we change our thinking to take responsibility for our choices (taking on the project in that location) we can consider the consequences are our own making, and then either get on with it, or find a way to not repeat the choices that got us in this situation in the first place.

What will be the outcome (if he does this)? The Fool is a perfect card for this example as he is setting off on his own journey without a care in the world. He is completely unburdened and open to the experience of the journey. Wouldn't that be lovely?!

Of course the spread is not limited to use on Sundays - you can use it any time you have that sinking feeling and want to get yourself mentally prepared for what's ahead. Grab your favourite tarot or oracle cards and give it a try, then let me know what you think in the comments, or tag me on Instagram.

UPDATE: This was the first spread I published, but I've written lots more and you can find them here

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