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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

As a child, I had lots of questions about the moon - it was an object of complete fascination. My grandparents lived on the side of a mountain with little light pollution, and my Grampy would hold me up to the window to see it. I'm not sure that my many questions about this mysterious thing were ever answered to my satisfaction - those who could explain it gave answers beyond my comprehension, and those who couldn't, fobbed me off. 

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Appropriately enough (as the moon is associated with mothers, parenting and childhood), it wasn't until I became a mother - in my thirties - that I really started to take notice of the lunar cycles. That was the first time in many years when my body wasn't medicated to prevent it being in tune with the cycles of nature¹ and when, free from the corporate hamster-wheel,  I began to notice the effect the full moon has on some people - including young children. Each month, my son would transform from a perfectly lovely toddler, into a wailing creature I hardly recognised. He wouldn't sleep, he'd cry a lot, and his behaviour would become much less predictable. We joked that he was "a lunatic" in the literal sense. It wasn't really a joke - his sun sign is Cancer.
The Cancerian's passing moods are synchronised to the moon, answering to the same mysterious lunar influence that causes the tides of the ocean to flow in and out. - Linda Goodman ²
Once I made this connection, it was easy enough to know that there wasn't anything 'wrong' with him if he was out of sorts around the full moon. At first, I got lots of strange looks from other mothers I mentioned it to, but over the years several of them also recognised similar traits in their families, and a few of them can still be found on the morning school run, muttering about the moon, with dishevelled or moody kids in tow.

For a long time, that was pretty much the extent of my moon-watching. Then, at the beginning of the year, I participated in a class on New Moon Magic from Emily Trinkaus ³ and had an epiphany. Emily talked about astrology as a forgotten feminine art and explained how working with the moon can be magical and empowering. This lead me to learn more about Astrology and to find the work of Yasmin Boland.
Watching the Moon from month to month and year to year will put you in touch with her cycles and rhythms - it will help you to remember that we are all part of something so much bigger; that we’re kids of the Universe. We’re stardust. We’re so much more than people who struggle to get to work on public transport, and once there, compete with others for promotions. - Yasmin Boland ⁴
In her book Moonology, Yasmin explains how to work with the 'magic' of lunar cycles and how it can transform your life - using the new moon to manifest, and the full moon for forgiveness and gratitude. Moonology soon became a 'go-to' book, joining Linda Goodman and Eckhart Tolle on my 'Shelf of Essentials' - it is used regularly to look up the new and full moon information, as these are the two phases I'm most interested in (it covers more). I particularly love this quote:
We’re makers of magic on a journey towards enlightenment. We’re at one with the skies and the heavens and all that lies beyond, and even if we can’t observe the heavens fully, or even give too much time to contemplating nature, connecting with the Moon reconnects us with the Divine - with our Divine selves and with the cosmos.  - Yasmin Boland ⁴
Today the Full Moon is in Scorpio - it's not too bad for our family which is comprised of Taureans (both me and my daughter), my Cancerian son, and my Capricorn husband, but the energy is potentially pretty intense. It's a time to find the balance between "over-intensity and lazy contentment" ⁴ - something I definitely struggle with. In the book, Yasmin gives five pertinent questions to work through at this time, as well as details of how to perform Forgiveness and Gratitude ceremonies. If you're interested in these things, I'd certainly recommend it.

There are lots of great online resources to help with today's full moon including the full moon report from Moonology.comthis post and video from Jessi Huntenburg, this spread from New Age Hipster and the Scorpio Full Moon spread from Ethony, which I tried out last night using The Good Tarot. Many more are popping up on my social media feed since starting to write this post.

Whatever you do, and whether you're interested in the moon or not, I hope that your day is a good one and in the spirit of gratitude, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this post. Perhaps there was a message in it for you...?

NOTES: Amazon UK affiliate links are included for ease, and the books are also widely available elsewhere.

¹ For further Reading about female cycles try Moon Time by Lucy H Pearce and Code Red by Lisa Lister,
² From Linda Goodman's 'Sun Signs',  chapter 'How to recognise Cancer'. I've had a 1972 copy of this book since the late 1980s - despite being older than me, it has never been wrong about anyone I've met. Ever.
³ The free class was part of the Woman Unleashed online retreat.
⁴ Quotes taken from Yasmin Boland's 'Moonology - Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles'.


  1. The moon is so magical and much more powerful than we often realize! Thank you for sharing my reading๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’—



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