5 Things I Couldn't Hide from Tarot (in April)

Monday, 1 May 2017

April was a really great month. On a personal level, I made lots of lovely memories with my family including a holiday on the Cornish coast, we also celebrated my daughter's birthday. Throughout the month I managed daily journaling practice with tarot - mostly in the form of a one- or three- card draws, as per this post, plus some additional study here and there. It feels as though I'm making progress in understanding the cards and accessing my intuition. Many times I've been able to consider things with a fresh perspective by applying the lessons of the daily card. 

Several times throughout the month I was gobsmacked by the daily cards I'd either drawn or which (literally) jumped out of the deck onto my lap while shuffling, and which perfectly summed up my situation at that time. The cards were a direct reflection of my feelings and there was no hiding at all! I've been recording my daily cards on Instagram, and have compiled five such instances below, complete with the original comment. 

Note: If you're not familiar with tarot, or attuned to synchronicity in some other way, you may not believe these things happened. I still can't quite believe it myself and it makes me chuckle to think about it. Links to card meanings are provided so you can understand the relevance of each of the cards, if you are so inclined. If you are used to tarot, you won't need to use the links... and these things probably happen to you all the time. 

1. My husband had to finish a film before our holiday (he's an Editor), and in order to get it done was working ridiculous hours. He encountered lots of technical hitches and one night, I popped into his office to see him before going to bed. Looking at him, exhausted and increasingly despondent, I jokingly referred to him as the 'Nine of Wands'.

He has no interest in Tarot so my reference was lost on him and he didn't look like he believed me when I ran back into his office the following morning, laughing, to show him the card that had jumped out onto my lap while shuffling.   

2. After arriving at the beautiful cottage we'd rented for our holiday, I stood enjoying the view and watching our dog in the sunshine. I felt so happy and grateful for our life and decided to pull a card. Of course, it was the Nine of Pentacles. There was no point telling my naysaying husband, so I posted on Instagram instead. 

3. While we were away, the Ace of Cups was stalking me - it came up in various spreads and as my daily card, with various decks. Then one night, I posted a photo of our two champagne glasses and regular playing cards on Instagram Stories - I tagged the post #twoofcups. 

Can you guess which TWO cards jumped out for my daily draw over tea the following morning.....? You can see from the comments that I didn't even realise the coincidence (synchronicity) with the Two of Cups until later when I saw the photo of the champagne glasses. 

4. On Saturday, with my husband and kids out for the day, I finally had some time alone. Our holiday was wonderful, and I love being with everyone, but I really need 'me' time to recalibrate when we've been busy. I walked the dog while listening to a podcast about the Hermit card and realised how much I related to it that day, I started planning how I'd use my few quiet hours to meditate and catch up with a few things including an exercise from the Vision Seeker ecourse. When I got home, I wrote a blog post about it and wouldn't you know it - the cards I pulled included the Hermit. I mentioned the earlier podcast etc and how it was a nice synchronicity.

Later in the afternoon, I realised that although I'd already done a little spread, I hadn't chosen a card for the day, even though it felt like it really should be the Hermit. So I pulled out a deck I haven't used for a few weeks, shuffled and pulled a card... 

5.  Yesterday we were leaving early to drive our daughter and her three closest friends to her birthday celebration. Before we went, I had five minutes to pull my card for the day. Of course, it could only be the Three of Cups

So these are 5 of the things I couldn't hide from Tarot in April. I realise it probably sounds crazy to anyone who hasn't experienced it (I wouldn't have believed it myself a few months ago) but for those who have, I'd be interested in hearing what you think about this. How do you think it works? How long has this been happening to you, and do you still get a thrill? Or does it get old, like riding a bike? Please leave a comment below, or come and say hello on Instagram

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