The Horses, and their Knights

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Knights of the Dreaming Way Tarot are 'active, dynamic, and fearless' according to the accompanying little white book. I've also heard Knights being generically described as the 'frat boys' of the tarot. So how can a learner distinguish between these four young men, and learn to identify with their individual characteristics? 

After spending some time studying this deck, I've come to believe that it's their horses, and the way they handle them, which give us the biggest clues about the Knights' personalities. As with the other posts in this series (about the Kings and the Queens), these are my own opinions and may not align with 'text book' interpretations of these cards. 

Look at the Knight of Pentacles' horse. It's a big and solid, a dependable workhorse. If we could see his hooves, they might well identify him as a Shire horse. Like his strong and practical steed, this Knight is a quiet and reliable, a diligent and determined person (read 'stubborn') who gets the job done in his own way - slow and steady. If you're looking for stability and practicality, this is the young man for you. He'll happily plod along in a job many others would find boring and dull, and will bring home a regular pay check, but he'd rather put it in the bank than use it for anything spontaneous or fun. 

In contrast, the Knight of Wands is all about movement and action. His horse is moving quickly through the frame of the card so you can't see it's head or hind. The rider isn't even looking where he's going. He's uber-confident, energetic and hardworking - probably the star of the football team, popular with the other boys as well as the girls. While he wouldn't make such good husband material, this Knight is the one you'd have fun dating - he'd sweep you off your feet with his charm and passion but the romance might not last long with this one - he isn't the type of person to stick around for long. 

The Knight of Cups is another type altogether - just look at his beautiful white horse, it could be straight out of a fairy tale. He is (Prince) charming indeed - romantic, kind, and in touch with his emotions. If anything, you might find him a bit too emo(tional). I think of him as the 'first love' kind of guy - you'd spend glorious teenage hours in each other's arms, thinking about the future, what you'd name your children and the ideal world you'll create together for them. Then, while you're both at separate colleges, you'd grow apart. Eventually, when you could no longer live up to his unrealistic ideals of love and commitment, you'd break his heart, at which point he'd turn to writing poetry or sad songs. You'd be forever haunted by the look of betrayal in his eyes when you said your goodbyes. 

The Knight of Swords couldn't be more different. See the way his horse is rearing? His head being yanked back by the bit between his teeth and the Knight couldn't care less about hurting him. He's charging ahead with his sharp sword drawn, all action and swift movement. He doesn't care if his horse tramples anyone he might come across in his haste, his single-minded focus is on his mission - he's a real go-getter! Like his mother the Queen, this Knight is opinionated, arrogant, and knows it all. He might seem attractive at first, but he's not interested in the opinions of others, and lacks empathy or compassion. He's the bully who is cruel because of his own background, but is hard to sympathise with because he's just not very nice.

How do you see these Knights? Feel free to comment and let me know! 

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