The 5 ‘C’s (of Working with a Daily Card)

Monday, 3 April 2017

So far, the most fundamental part of my relationship with tarot/oracle cards is working with a 'card of the day'. As I throw myself into the study of tarot (and oracle) cards in general, and get to know specific decks, it's an easy, fun and insightful method of practice. From reading other blogs, watching youtube videos and my regular Instagram 'habit',  it's clear that people have various different ways of using a daily card. This is my current method, which I think of as The 5 'C's.

Although it looks like a laborious process when listed in steps, it only takes a few minutes at different points throughout the day and is a good way to use small pockets of time - for example when I'm waiting around for the kids, or boiling the kettle! 

Eight of Swords from the Sun and Moon tarot, as posted on Instagram

1. Choice - I usually choose a card before I get out of bed in the morning and, unless I'm trying to get to know a particular deck, I like to mix it up throughout the week. I typically choose a card at random from a freshly shuffled deck, with the intention of gaining insight for the day ahead. Occasionally, I will connect with a card by looking at the images - if something really catches my eye, I go with that. 

2. Connection - What was my gut reaction when I turned the card over - was I happy/indifferent/gutted to see it? Noticing the imagery, is there anything that stands out? Is there something that immediately seems to relate to the day ahead or a current situation? How does the card make me feel overall? If there are people on the card, who do I think they represent? Is there anything notable about the card - eg has it been popping up regularly in readings? In answer to these questions, I will often jot some very rough notes or keywords into a notebook. 

3. Carry the card  - Carrying the actual card, or putting it in a place where it can be seen regularly would be great, but I don't like separating individual cards in case they get lost or damaged, and that's quite likely in my house where there are sticky fingers and a girl with a penchant for pretty things. So, to keep the card in mind throughout the day, I take a photo with my phone and save it as the background on the lock screen. My phone is always with me and the card is visible every time I use it which helps to keep it in mind throughout the day.

4. Contemplate - I find it most useful to devise a few questions or pointers to help me understand the relevance of the card and how it relates to me/my situation. At this point, I'll often post the card and the question/prompt to my Instagram account - it's good practice for summarising the key points and using the card as a starting point for personal inquiry and development. If the card and prompt are useful to someone who sees it too, then I'll be very happy. 

Here and Now from Wisdom of the Oracle, as posted on Instagram

5. Check-in (& Journal) - At the end of the day I'll look back over any original scribblings, my thoughts from the day and at this point will check any reference books for additional meanings and things I missed. I'll also ask myself whether I discovered anything new, or acknowledged something I've been avoiding. Did anything else come up that related to the theme? Did the card lead to anything else of note? These are all added to my personal journal so I can refer back to them later. It's really interesting to look back over the earlier entries, and definitely something I plan to continue.

As a result of this daily activity, I'm not only starting to feel more confident with the card meanings, but I'm also starting to approach the cards more intuitively. At the start I was reaching for 'the book' to check meanings, but I'm already much more relaxed about it. 

Does this look like your method of working with a daily card? Do you have any further suggestions for me? If so, leave a comment. 

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