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Friday, 14 April 2017

As we have already seen in overviews of the Kings, Queens and Knights, each of the court cards embodies an aspect of their elemental suit. The Pages are no different, except that they are younger - more naive and immature. They represent foundational learning and experiences, growth and change. Any 'mistakes' they make are due to lack of experience rather than ill will - just put it down to them learning the ropes. 

As with the other court cards, I've found the easiest way to understand each of these cards has been to think about a person I know who embodies the same qualities. This not only brings them to life, but also helps to understand the archetypes, beyond what is shown in the cards themselves. Once again, this post is based on the Dreaming Way tarot and my interpretations, and may not represent other 'by the book' descriptions you have read. Although they are all depicted as female in this deck, Pages can refer to youthful people of either (any) sex. 

The Page of Pentacles has achieved high levels of academic learning and is a perennial student - hungry for knowledge and understanding. Kind, quiet and sensible, this Page is reliable and grounded with strong morals, all of which can lead to activist tendencies. (In my case, this is my sister who has a PhD in animal behaviour - a suitable 'earthy' topic for this suit - and works for an animal welfare charity). This is a thoughtful and introspective person who thrives in nature. She is a very genuine person, and happy to muck in (and get her hands dirty) despite her academic prowess. If you get close enough, you might get to see her fun goofy side, which often combines her excellent observational skills and a startling knack for impersonation!

The Page of Wands is far less practical. She is a visionary - passionate and artistic. She is idealistic and optimistic. Her confidence and charisma go beyond her (current) ability but she can't see that, because she's too busy starting all the new projects she's excited about - and her enthusiasm will probably drag you along for the ride. Wands represent the element of fire and you can see that in her temper, which is as quick to alight as her imagination - she is ready to take bold action when either is kindled. This Page is honest to a fault, but also quite impatient. In order to manage her expectations, you would be well advised to get yourself some flame-retardant gloves! 

Ah, the Page of Cups. Just look at her with her teapot on her head and her flying fish. Isn't she lovely? This is one very dreamy soul. She is another artistic character, but much more of a dreamer than the Page of Wands, and she often struggles to stay grounded. Sometimes you'll meet a young person and when you look into their eyes it's as if they know everything about you - they are often referred to as an 'old soul' - and that's the Page of Cups for you. She's  passionate and intuitive and also sentimental due to her 'watery' nature. She'll probably cry at sad films and be incredibly moved by art and poetry. 

The Page of Swords is curious, intelligent and insightful. Unlike the earthy Page of Pentacles this airy Page is also very frank - she can be cutting in her honesty and will you will have to live with her disappointment for a long time as she isn't quick to forgive or forget. In fact, she has such a highly developed sense of what is right and fair that, combined with her integrity and superb communication skills, you will know exactly where you stand with her. However, once she's on your side you can count on unwavering devotion. Being a keen observer and mentally acute, the energetic Page of Swords is likely to come up with plenty of ideas, and might spot opportunities that others miss.

So that's how I think of these cards. Does it resound with your own interpretation? Let me know! 

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