Oracle Card for April 2017

Sunday, 2 April 2017

When the 2017 Shining Year workbook instructed me to "Give Yourself an Oracle Reading for the Year", I didn't even know what an oracle was. I suppose you could say that this was the beginning of my tarot journey because a few weeks later (mid-January) I used Wisdom of the Oracle to pull cards for the year and my fascination with oracle cards and tarot began. 

April's card was 'Building Blocks' and I've been revisiting it as the month begins.

The image depicts a woman standing on the top of a multi-story structure. From this, I can't quite decide whether it's a work in progress or the shell of a building - although on first impressions the title might seem to suggest the former. To me it seems ambiguous, like the woman herself. I feel she has a holographic quality as if she isn't quite present in full physical form. 

Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia

From her vantage point on top of the structure, she is facing left which, in the tarot court cards at least, also suggests she may not be a reference to the physical realm:
Noting the direction a court character faces.... is indispensable in helping a seeker gain insight into his or her subconscious proclivities... left indicating the inner realm of intuition, the unconscious mind and the astral body, and right indicating the external realm of rational thought, the consciousness, and the physical body. - Benebell Wen, Holistic Tarot p. 275
Left-facing is also related to feminine yin energy, emotion, the unorthodox, and the occult.

There are coloured blocks in the air and falling onto the same structure as the woman. Some are teetering close to the edge. They don't especially look like they are preparing to build anything. So what does this card mean?

In the accompanying book, Colette Baron-Reid uses the keywords 'strong foundations; a beautiful work in progress'. From the image it seems it's the woman (rather than the building or blocks) that is the 'beautiful' WIP. The book goes on to explain that the foundations are "values, ethics, moral, and core beliefs".

This is a time to focus attention on these areas and whether they are still true for you, whether they will stand the test of time. It's an interesting prompt and something I've already been pondering. In the last few months of personal inquiry I've begun to rethink some of my long-standing beliefs - about myself and beyond. For example, listening to my intuition has made me reconsider some of my ideas about consciousness. It's rekindled some of the things that I first encountered reading Eckhart Tolle's work almost a decade ago, before life got in the way and I went back to (unconscious) sleep.

Some of the things I have been attached to are no longer important - I can see that they were valued out of ego (fear) and do not necessarily serve me. My views and attention are shifting. The book goes on to say: "You are making changes that will affect everything in a positive way." At the moment it certainly feels this way.

I'll be checking in with this card throughout the month to see what else it brings up. Do you pull a card or cards for the month? What's your focus for April? 

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