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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Following on from my recent contemplation of the Kings, I've been hanging out with the Queens. These particular women are from the Dreaming Way Tarot which I'm enjoying tremendously, the more I get to know it. I will admit to having thoughts of knitting up some of the garments, also the Three of Pentacles really looks like Helen Mirren, but I digress. As previously, this post was written to serve as my own interpretation of these cards and may not match 'by the book' references.
As a group, tarot Queens typically embody what have been traditionally considered 'feminine' nurturing qualities, they are the carers and 'mothers' of the deck. As all mothers know, this doesn't mean they are always soft. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, but their focus is, generally, on others. Looking at their expressions, I'm not sure this is necessarily a good thing - frankly, they all look like they could do with a good night out - where's the Three of Cups when you need it?

I don't actually think the Queen of Pentacles would go out, if invited. She is the epitome of selfless mother-love and would stay home to watch her baby sleep, instead. Pentacles represents the earth element and she is the embodiment of an 'Earth Mother'. Putting her children's needs above her own, she's kind, practical and loving. The truth is that she's so in touch with everyone else's needs, her own are often neglected. In fact, she runs the risk of losing herself and her own sense of identity. This woman's children adore her, and as they grow, they'll appreciate just how much she did for them, and how much love she gave them. I just hope she'll have something of- and for- herself when her family have grown and left the (very comfortable and cosy) family home.

The Queen of Wands is actually much more warm and sunny than she looks here - the clues are the radiant sunflowers and the sprouting wand, rather than her face. This image shows her determined side, she's one of those competitive mums who trains for the sack-race in advance of sports day, and whose kids always have their homework in early. She's assertive when she needs to be, and heaven help anyone who gets in her way when she's on a mission. Her informal posture - including the hitched up skirt - makes me think that when she takes off her crown she really knows how to party. She'll be the first on the dance floor and the last one to go home. She's great fun - when she's not in 'competitive mama' mode - and has the ability to make you laugh until your stomach aches and there's mascara running down your face. However, when you're being an idiot, she'll call you on it. For this reason she's a great confidante, and she'll be gentle as she puts you straight on a few things. You'll enjoy your relationship with the Queen of Wands.... just don't get on the wrong side of her!

Do you see the contented smile on the face of the Queen of Cups' daughter? That's because she has a calm, supportive and compassionate mother who is able to anticipate her needs and can make everything feel so much better. The Queen of Cups is kind and gentle - whether you call it empathy, psychic ability or being deeply intuitive, she just understands people and what makes them tick. Although she feels her emotions deeply and in her own way, she will rarely let them show - she just doesn't do that. I have a friend who is much like this Queen and I describe her as an onion - she has many layers and about once a decade you might get to see beneath one of them, but there aren't enough decades in a lifetime to ever see beneath them all. It doesn't matter though, what you see is more than enough to make you feel nurtured and understood.

The Queen of Swords sits side-on, with her sword held firmly to attention in front of her. As a 'mother-figure' that probably tells you everything you need to know. There is little-to-no-chance of sitting on her lap for a cuddle, and even if you did the sharp bones of her legs and her corset would make it really uncomfortable. She doesn't ever need a cuddle anyway, in fact she doesn't need anything from anyone. She's self-sufficient and proud of it. She loves nothing better than being in control and even if she doesn't have any authority over you, she'll try to control you regardless - one way or another. She is loyal (to her cronies), and courageous (which she'll tell you herself, and often). She's also eloquent, intelligent and has a wit as sharp as the sword in her lap. But that's as far as the compliments about the Queen of Swords can go. Her tongue is just as sharp, and she's quick to lash out with it, not caring who she hurts with her harsh criticisms and the opinions she sees as hard facts. At the start of the post, I talked about mothers sometimes needing to be cruel to be kind, and that's probably how this Queen justifies her own behaviour. Me, I just think she's cruel.

I'm not like her, so don't worry about expressing your own opinion of these Queens in the comments. Or feel free to say hello on Instagram - I'd love to hear your feedback. 

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