The Emperor

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Deck: Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi, illustrated by Kwon Shina

Ah, The Emperor. Such a handsome man, don't you think? It looks like he has a lot on his mind. In fact, I recognise the beard-stroking and far-away stare because my husband does it too (he's not so nattily-dressed, though). He usually has that look when he's thinking about his responsibilities and how he has to take care of everything and everyone. He takes it very seriously. He'll say it's not that he doesn't trust anyone else to do it (it's exactly that), it's just that he likes to know it's done right. There are 'i's to dot and 't's to cross and if he does it, it will be done exactly right and ahead of time. Just like his tax return.

When I say 'taking care of' people, be clear that I am not talking about their emotions or feelings. Those are not his domain. 'Taking care of' means the bills are paid, everyone has everything they need, and there are savings in the bank. Things have to run smoothly and to order. Order is so important to him - you have to be organised when everyone is relying on you, you know. He works better alone - and at arm's length - and takes care of things in his own way. That's why The Emperor is sitting alone amongst the flowers at the side of the road. It's peaceful and there is no one to distract him.

In short, The Emperor is an organised leader, a business man, he's capable and conservative, and he's a father figure - stable and reliable, just like the tree that portrays him in The Wild Unknown. So when I calculated this as my birth card as part of the Alternative Tarot Course*, I was stumped. It's not me, it's him! Right down to the look on his face! How on earth could this say anything about me and my relationship with tarot reading?

So I looked deeper.  I suppose there is an element of me being organised. I didn't start the course until I'd set up this blog to record my progress. I have all my card decks organised on the shelf in identifying pouches, with related books and my own 'tarot meanings journal' which I'm slowly compiling, has colour coded highlights and tabs. Oh dear, as I write this I realise it's suspiciously like my husband's folder for utility bills!

This is the thing about the cards, on first impression you may not see a connection - it might not be obvious - but when you look deeper you might find things that make you squirm a little, but are none-the-less true. If The Emperor comes up in a reading, I start thinking about the things in life that give a feeling of certainty and reliability and I guess that's also what I'm seeking in my tarot readings. How interesting...

*As well as being part of the Beth Maiden's course, there's a post on her blog about numerology and birth cards which you can find here

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